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A MIDway chamber

We realized the great need for a collective voice among small and local businesses in the Midway area, so we have begun the hard work of assembling entrepreneurs and building a chamber.

While several orgs exist already, we felt that their missions aligned more with large-scale developments, and we found this problematic, as we live in the shadow of a major airport, which makes it more difficult than usual to open and maintain a small business.


It's imperative that we keep our unique community thriving. 

we are still establishing.

2020 was our incorporation year, and we are currently re-assessing in-person events & meetings.

when & where

We will meet quarterly, via networking and other events co-hosted by business owners and the Collective.

you don't have to own to join.

If you want to own a biz, or owned one in the past, or just want to be involved, get in touch at the next Collective meeting!

The Basics

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